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The Pavlov Family Homepage
Meet the man behind the cartoon and the family behind the man.  Currently under construction.
Nikita's Portfolio
After numerous suggestions by teachers to put my art and writing on the web, I'm finally getting around to it.
Lunatic Magazine Homepage
My legendary comics magazine, featuring everything you ever wanted to know about the lovable Lunatic and Company.
Kitanul's Evil Retreat
Not all my work is innocent fun and games... if you've a mind to see some nasty aberrations of Lunatic's saga, enter at your own risk.  The short stories are what's really disturbing.
My VRML Page
For a while, I was fascinated with virtual reality programming.  See the best of my works here.
JavaScript Fun!
Take a break to play some JavaScript games.  I highly recommend the Labyrinth Puzzle.
New Providence High School
I was the sole webmaster for my beloved alma mater for three whole years, faithfully designing and updating the school website.  But then the computer science classes took over my creation, wrenched it from my hands, and buried me, still kicking and screaming, in oblivion ... oh, the humanity.